Monday, February 1, 2010

Some (Kinda) New Stuff

Here is some new stuff I dug up...

There are some who wander the dominions incomplete. A fate-touched' soul is split in two, and they usually live out their lives separately. Although, when one corpus dies, the fate-touched is awakened to the missing element of the other. Most of the time, the fate-touched has no clear idea of the reason for the path they take to the joining. When the two essences meet, they join to become whole once more.
Base Race: Any.
Bonuses: The joining; when the two victims meet they will spend one hour per CL joining into a single form. Add all like stats together and divide by two, add like pools and knowledges together, and combine all abilities, gear and penalties (including xp penalties and CL adjustments). The victim's new base race becomes the base race of the victim with highest CL, the subrace becomes the other victim's. The joining is a combining of the two victims, in all ways, and will be combined on a single victim sheet. The two minds share the knowledge and memory of the other in a completely natural way.
Restrictions: The victim must begin as a fate-touched, and only if the player has a recently dead victim. The fate-touched must have the same sources and disposition as the diseased victim. The victim must be CL12 to attempt the joining.
SL's Note: This is the compromise for killing off a beloved victim. With this subrace a player has the possibility of getting their murdered victim back, but changed. This is written so the SL has the opportunity to devise a test (or quest) to see if the diseased is worthy to reincarnate.

-In order to attempt a parry, the victim must have one action (war) remaining in their turn, such as a saved attack. Or a victim can use a "free" parry given by the dueling weapon use.
-Declare what attack roll the victim attempts to parry.
-Roll as if the victim was attacking with the parrying weapon.
-If the attacker wins, they hit, roll to wound as normal.
-If the parry is higher the attack was stopped, roll a weapon vs weapon roll (both weapons add their unsoakable to the die roll, the DoS equals wounds dealt to the weapon).
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