Friday, February 12, 2010

Scene Lord's Advice of the Day: Totals

Hey out there, thought I would like to pass on some modifiers to your next game.

Lets look at something that will help make game go faster and more seamlessly, knowing your victim's totals. What I am talking about are the to hit, dodge and soak totals primarily as they often get altered each turn. Scrap paper! If you write down all your base totals on a spare sheet, and keep track of temporary modifiers there, life might get easier. As a SL, I often do this for the various adversaries I toss at you, this way I can keep track of multiple spells and creatures/people. The various things I find to be important to note during combat are:
Weapons to hit
Weapon damage
Pool to hit
Soak damage
Magical Stamina (MS)
Some victims find that they use knowledges like stealth, guerrilla war and the like, if so add those to this list. I hope that helps out your next round of combat.

Ricalope, SL.
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