Friday, February 19, 2010

Scene Lord's Advice of the Day: Guerrilla War

Guerrilla War might be a better knowledge than you thought it was. This knowledge is one of those few who can apply to other skills, here is how.

The basics: Guerrilla War is the knowledge of finding battlefield positions that provide better cover and firing positions. It can be used in any type of environment without penalty. During combat, a victim may make two actions per turn (usually one check and one war), often the Guerrilla War check will be the most important.

Using your DoS: The degree of success (DoS) of a Guerrilla War check gives a value for how well the victim uses cover to their advantage. Once a position has been taken up the DoS may be applied to other checks and wars. The DoS may be applied to a single roll, after which it is "used up" and may not be used until after the next Guerrilla War check.

Stealth: The victim may use their position to hide, apply the DoS to their next Stealth check. This would apply to planning a route which provides cover as well as finding sniping positions.

Sniper and Marksmanship: Once a good firing position has been found it can be very difficult to avoid any fire originating from a hidden point. If the victim wishes, they may add the Guerrilla War DoS to their next to hit roll, providing it is at range. Once the first shot has been fired the position has been given away and a new check must be made.

Soaking: A good position can be the best defense against incoming fire. Against the first ranged attack (by a weapon or magic) the victim may add their Guerrilla War DoS to soak the damage.

Sharing Your DoS: Any of the above uses can be applied to multiple victims. This represents the victim sharing their knowledge and leading their group. Simply make a Guerrilla War check, then divide the DoS by how many victims will be benefiting from the skill (round down to a minimum of one). The other victims may use the bonus modifier any legal way they see fit (even if it differs from how the other victims use theirs).

I hope that helps, happy sniping!
Ricalope, SL.
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