Monday, February 1, 2010

Transcendence (Blog 1)

On the Dahl homeworld, the party spent their first day consuming what their ambassadors call "gasteral excitement", they got pretty drunk. They were brought to the Great Temple complex built simular to the temple of Ankor-Wat, but on a massive scale. They were lead to the Scribe of Ages, who extracted their experiences (harmlessly and with little effort). Almost immediately afterwards the likes of Craxx (the cyborg-pixie driver) as well as the ambassadors were unfound. After hours of searching, and winding deeper, they began to get close to the centre of the complex. Below the mountanous central pyramid they fall into a web of confusion cast by one of the Angels of Confusion. Not until they devised a plan to escape, something logical and straightforward, did they find the daemon. Celine, Valis and Devo eventually banished it from Dahl and now rest in the chamber, still lost.
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