Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toon World Order!!

Yes, you read that right, toons!! Here's the idea, nWo is having a child; tWo. tWo is simplified, straight-forward, and unbelievably silly. tWo will be fully compatable with standard nWo (if any SL is crazy enough to allow such sillyness) and uses the same basic rules. tWo has PUPPIES!!

(Art courtesy Duckey Cheepley)

During an episode of tWo, each player plays a Toon, that Toon has a race (or two) and a type. So you can have a rabbit genius, or a zorg-pilot-mouse, or even a ninja-cat-bus, it is really up to you. Everybody gets these stats; Str, Dex, App, Per, Luck and Smrt. The ones you reconize are the same, Luck determines how well a Toon uses his toon-pool, and Smrt is how smrt it is. Simple right? Except for the lack of Stm...

Expect lots of SPLATs and POWs, Toons don't get to soak damage. Which is good, considering that the point of each episode is to either die awesomely or cause such fun. At the beginning of each episode everything is back to normal...sort of.

Your thoughts?
Ricalope, Toon Lord.
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