Thursday, April 14, 2011

Find a Save Point, Restart

Descendence, what to say...
We weathered the loss of integral victims, traveled through seemingly bizarre paths, and jumped storylines like stones in lava. It was a good run, a test run, for the avatars. But, like many things, the campaign will be put on hold. The avatar rules need tweaking and the story arc needs a direction, Descendence will be revived anew, eventually.
As one gate closes, another opens wide. So far, I am dubbing it the 0ld 0rder. The 0ld 0rder will be on Earth, around 1300bc, with a hefty dose of mana, prayer and mech (throw some oid in for giggles). All victims start fresh, with a dark setting in mind, (assassins please apply!) I had thoughts of a time change, possibly every other Monday?

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