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The 0ld 0rder - Priest Sources

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The Book of Faith

This section details the pantheon of the Old Kingdom as well as other paths of elightenment. Often, there are different names for a simular type of god, (like the sun god), they are different faiths but have the same abilities.

Starting Levels:

Each starting level in priest will give the victim two knowledge points, two weapon use points, and d10 prayer pool (add the victim's Wis once).

Level Advancement:

Each level purchased in priest will give one weapon use point, one knowledge point and d10 prayer pool (unless noted).


Each source has different ways to spend prayer pool, these are listed under each source. The 'Using Disciplines" section describes how they work.

Maximum Pool Expenditure:

The maximum amount of prayer a victim may spend per round is equal to five times their priest level.

Priest Sources:

Each priest source represents a multitude of separate deities. Listed below are the names of priest sources and their associated gods by region or race.

-Name (Egyptian, Hittite, Greek, Celtic) Disciplines

Blood (Shemzu, Jarri, –, Ankou) Combat, Healing, Invoke.

Chaos (Set, –, Erebus, –) Invoke, Combat, Arcane

Creator (Ra, Elkunirsa, Zeus, Taranis) Invoke, Dominance, Resist

Dead (Nepthys, –, Thanatos, Morrigan) Undeath, Arcane, Shadow

Druids (Hathor, Aserdus, Demeter, Morganwg) Healing, Scrying, Invoke

Knowledge (Thoth, Sandas, Apollo, Belenus) Arcane, Scrying, Dominance

Justice (Horus, Istanu, Athena, Mannan) Combat, Flame, Invoke

(Heka, Kamrusepa, Artemis, Veles)
Arcane, Flame, Shadow

Pleasure (Bastet, Upelluri, Dionysus, Cernunnos) Healing, Scrying, Dominance

Sensai (n/a) Combat, Resist, Shadow

Storms (Maahes, Pirwa, Posiedon, Lugh) Combat, Scrying, Resist

Sun (Aten, Arinna, –, Belenus) Flame, Dominance, Scrying

Underworld (Anubis, Lelwani, Hades, Pater) Shadow, Undeath, Dominance

Vengeance (Sobek, –, –, Wodanaz) Combat, Shadow, Scrying

War (Anhur, Zababa, Ares, Toutatis) Combat, Dominance, Resist

Using Disciplines

Discipline Knowledge

Description: A brief description of the type of powers the discipline grants.

-Powers: A list of the powers and how they work.

Arcane varies

This discipline mostly resembles true magic, and is often used to augment spellcasting. The arcane discipline uses many symbols and rites to focus prayer.

-Boost Spell (may add pool to modify a mana expenditure).

-Use Item (artifice check, if DoS beats item's Stm caster may activate and/or use item).

-Alchemist (pool spent will give a temporary modifier to alchemy).

Combat n/a

The combat discipline embodies martial prowess.

-To Hit (pool spent will give a temporary to hit modifier).

-To Wound (pool spent will give a temporary modifier to damage, 2 pool will give a temporary +1*).

-To Dodge (pool spent will give a temporary modifier to dodge).


Dominance embodies the power to affect the mind. Many preists will use this discipline during oratories, sermons or simply in the marketplace.

-Suggest (may give a temporary modifier to bartering, bullshiting, persuasion or diplomacy).

-Control (pool to hit, duration of control equals DoS minus target's CL).

-Telepathy (DoS equals duration, minus one for each target).

Flame Pyromancy

The discipline of flame calls down holy fire to cleanse unbelievers and opponents alike.

-Burn (DoS equals duration, temporarily gives weapon burning).

-Fireball (pool to hit will cause damage to wounds, burning, unsoakable equal to pyromancy modifier).

-Ummunity (may negate wounds caused by fire talent and flame discipline sources equal to DoS).

Healing Biology/Surgery

The discipline of healing can cure nearly all disease and remedy any wound.

-Heal (DoS equals wounds replenished, stops bleed, recovers K.O.).

-Cure (if DoS equals Stm of disease, or Str of poison/intoxicant, all modifiers are removed).

Invoke Command

Invoke embodies the ability to summon the servants of the chosen diety.

-Augment, Summoning (may spend pool to modify an invomacy check)

-Summon, Creatures (DoS equals maximum CL of summoned creatures).

-Summon, Sentient (DoS equals maximum CL of the target).

Resist n/a

This discipline is used to augment the resilience of those it is used upon. It is a favoured discipline of the deserts.

-Refresh (pool spent will remove negative Stm, Str and Man modifiers).

-Toughness (pool spent will give a temporary modifier to soak).


To glimpse into te futer, and pull meaning from those glimpses, is the discipline of scrying.

-Augment, Divination (may spend pool to modify any scry check).

-Precognition (may spend pool to give a temporary modifier to hit or to dodge).

-Seeing (may apply DoS to one check during the next turn).

Shadow Stealth

The discipline of shadow uses darkness as its ally.

-Hide (pool spent will give a temporary modifier to stealth).

-Summon, Shadow (DoS equals the stats of the shadow as well as duration, shadao has unsoakable equal to summoner's stealth modifier).

Undeath Necrology

This is the discipline that grants the ability to animate the dead.

-Animate, Undead (DoS equals maximum CL of undead as well as duration, undead have an unsoakable equal to necrology modifier).

-Augment, Death (may spend pool to modify any necromancy check).

-Control/Speak, Undead (DoS equals duration, DoS must equal CL of undead).

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