Monday, April 18, 2011

The 0ld 0rder - Setting Overview

The Setting

The Old Order takes place on Earth during 1300 BC, primarily in Africa, Asia and Europe. It during the golden age of the older empires, and a time of expansion for the young ones. It is the beginning of the monolithic phase of humankind, and the waning of the older races of dwarves and elves.

The River and the Desert

It is the late 18th dynasty of the Egyptian Empire, Pharaoh Amenhotep's son, Akenahten has taken the throne. The new Pharaoh defies the Egyptian pantheon, claiming Ahten as Egypt's sole deity, and rules the Nile with a heavy hand. The nomads of the desert swell with religious refugees.

Rising Empires

Assyria, the Hittite Empire and the Kassite Empire thrive on the eastern Mediterranean and Arabia. Although trade is common, political disputes will often result in military action. The Greeks on the northern bank grow more prosperous each year, making treaties with the city-states of the Phoenicians, and Crete.

The East

The Dravidian people are an uneasy alliance smaller kingdoms between Arabia and the Far East. Known for their skill with stone craft, jewelry and spice exports, the Dravidians trade freely with other kingdoms. Monasteries are scattered throughout the kingdoms for stargazing, philosophy, and other studies.

The Far East

The most prominent kingdom to the east is the Shang Kingdom, which is surrounded by smaller feifdoms and rice farming families. The Shang enjoy some trade with the west, trading exclusive materials like pearls and silks.


Atlantis is a relic from the ancients. Most scholars claim that the island drifts further out to sea with each passing year, although it is difficult to tell due to the Great Obscuring. The fey enchantment keeps the island, and its inhabitants, hidden from those without magical talent. On the island itself, Atlantians enjoy the luxuries of the ancients' forgotten technologies.

Monoliths and Iron

The 0ld 0rder takes place at the end of the Bronze Age, in the early Iron Age. The older kingdoms are mastering the art of stone-crafting and raising massive structures to gods and kings. The common materials are made from hides, stone, brass or bronze. Expensive metals like iron and gold are highly valued, while gemstones are prized by those who practice with the arcane. Copper or brass ingots are the common currency, although many hunter-gatherer tribes will refuse such useless trinkets.

Historical Fantasy

Although much of The 0ld 0rder setting is historically accurate, there have been many important alterations made. Metaphysics, meddling gods and arcane mechanics flavor the setting wherever appropriate. Necropolis' house the populations of the dead, who make trade-arrangements with tribes of beasts for lost technology of the ancients. Magi are hired as consorts to the throne, priests sway the population's favor to one god or another, and thousands toil to build monuments that will outlast their entire cultures.

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