Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fools (4)

We celebrated our return to the Fifth with a round of shiftershots. We started to be more sociable after that. After a couple rounds only Drex and I were left awake so we took first watch. Zee approached us while the others snored. Boring of his company, I had begun looking over the designs upon the staff, they looked personalized. It would take a while for me to learn anything from them.

"Hey bitch," I greet her.

From where Drex is, "Whats up Zee?"

"How are you guys doing?"

"Not sure yet," answers Drex.

"You know we are not done right?" I am sure our expressions answered for us. But to show her she was wrong I pointed out the ex-mage standing near us. "So, its a zombie," she sneered.

"It used to be a mage, the one that showed up." It was possible, without the robes and fire she didn't notice. She wasn't there after all.

"That is a mage, it is not the one we are after. He is friggin deceiving, that's not him, so we're not finished. Actually, what ended up happening was that you killed the guardian of the gate."

"Why was he attacking us then?" I asked her.

"Because that is what he told you before, he was protecting the gate."

"So, we helped him," said Drex.

She looked at him, "yes and no. You ended up getting the power from the gate, all of you."

"So," I said, "step one accomplished."

"If we took the power from the gate," began Drex, "then we stopped him, right?"

"If all the gates are destroyed, the realm will still be destroyed. Which is bad. We need to find the next gate in the sequence, and find a way to get there."

"Then we need a vortex, like they had," I pointed at the two sleeping bodies, "maybe we should find out where they went. I think that is the first place I am going to check out, once I pick up my bike."

After she left I began to think. A drunken fog is good for thinking I find, with some accompanying DJ Tech playing. I need to get to a temple, they call NekRa "the Unkind" in the west, strange but fitting I find. Moreover, I must get this cadaver to the temple, they might be able to undo what this mage made us do.

It just came to me, I don't remember when I last ate.
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