Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Allies (2)

I was finishing a shiftershot after my rest and studies when the air around be began to shift wildly. The wind began to thrash at the trees and I could almost hear yelling upon it. The hair across my body began to stand on end from a static charge building in the air. Above me the sky began to tear itself apart violently, energy cascading from the vortex. I tried to get out of the way while still watching the portal, staggering slightly from the shot. War Pigs is playing at top volume through my headphones. As a body drops from it I swear instinctively.

It looks like a regular human male, but with some fashion sense, dressed in a bomber jacket and a bitchin Led Zeppelin shirt. He looks bruised, that will happen when you fall out of the sky, but relatively alright so I help him up. He tells me his name is far so good, considering the situation.

"Where the hell have I ended up?" asks Tweek, looking around suspiciously.

"Not sure myself. I'm going to call this place....ummm....nah, I don't have a name." I was still a little drunk it seemed.

"Fair enough. Well I was in some place called...Earth."

"And let me guess, you fell asleep, woke up..."

He shakes his head, "nah, nothing like that this time, but a couple of jobs have happened that way. Nah man, there was some room. There were a bunch of machines, buttons and knobs. Next thing I know the wall is sucking me in through some hole..."

"Want a drink?" He agrees and I pour him a shiftershot. He downs it pretty well, and earns a bit more respect. "You here for a reason?"

"I was looking for some guy, some mage-y guy..."

"I kind of was too..."

"It was pretty vague."

"Yeah." We talk some more about our goals, it seems he is also looking for some others, possibly those two who bugged off yesterday. He seems pretty unsure of what to do once he finds them. As we talk I think of the possibilities of keeping this guy around, he is pretty friggin rockstar. As we digress into talking about the difference between rock and metal, he hears something, it seems to be Drex, he apparently has bodies falling on him.

Images creep into my vision as I bicker with Zee, who apparently is near. The wagon seems to be engulfed in a ghostly fire, I move close and notice that it gives off no heat. Taking the lead of the lizard-beast, I lead the wagon away. This leaves an image of a burning wagon behind. "See that?" I call to Tweek.


"So its not the drink then." Then Zee and Drex appear, ghostly like the burning wagon, along with a crumpled lump that could only be a body. "Holy crap, what the hell did you do to him? Get out of the way." I yell at Drex and attempt to shove him aside, but my hands go right through him. I giggle to myself as I wave my hands through his face, then go to the lump of bleeding purple flesh. Looking at him, I would not say he was a human, and therefore interesting. I look him over, noting the intricate sigils written into his skin, and begin invoking NekRa's blessing upon him. The wounds begin to close and he awakes, which is a clear sign that the mage-god has intended our meeting.

The creature's name is Jack and Drex seems to have an issue with him thinking that it is a mutant. From my observations, he is not mutated, but some kind of half-breed. The matter is settled with yelling and threats. There are demands of what purpose each one has, names and name-calling. Eventually the frig-heads settle without blood being spilled.
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