Friday, June 11, 2010

Finding Darkness (5)

I began the next day by reinforcing the Rites of NekRa upon the zombie-mage in order to stop any decomposition. Then I got take a piss, I do my best thinking while voiding. I formulate plan 'd'. Plan 'd' consists of finding transport, getting to a Apothium (a church of sorts, devoted to NekRa) then try to get the guardian resurrected. I am hoping this will reverse the damage done by my associates.

Returning to where Tweek and Jack are (Drex is nowhere to be seen) we see Zee almost appear. I am not sure what is more annoying, those shifting townsfolk, or a half-there coyote girl. My jacket selects a couple of small sticks, bringing them into my hands. I begin flicking these twigs through her while the others greet her.

"Why I like you, I don't know." She says bad things, but I think she is just flirting. Too bad I'm out of her league.

"Cause I'm sexy." I reply, giving her a good look over and a wink.

"Sure, we'll go with that for now." She is shaking her head, but she means yes. "In the meantime, I need help with another task I am working on so I borrowed Drex. I will return him to you later."

"Oh, there's no need." I reply. Although in all truth, if was being attacked by some gribbly monster, I would want him around. That, and she was leaving us to walk into the City while they go off to do stuff. I just wanted to be a jerk.

"I can't keep him around, he's just as annoying as you are." Bitch. "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you so you didn't have a spazz attack because the world is disappearing."

"Like we are going to get any warning anyway." I say.

"There is an abandoned restaurant down the way, you might be able to find some provisions there. But, I'm off." She fades to nothing.

We decide to go towards the restaurant, taking the zombie-mage with me. It takes a few hours to walk there, and I hate walking, so Wumpscut is playing the entire way. As we get there we can see that the radiation and weather have taken their toll upon the building. There are a few vehicles outside, all of them ruined, and even with our assorted abilities, none drivable. Tweek and Jack go to inspect the interior.

I stay outside and search around the area for raw materials. I find enough random bones to build a beast of burden. Once animated, this 'zombeast' stands upon four powerful legs and is entirely made of many smaller bones fused with the skills of necrology. It has no head, tail, or any other recognizable features, and stands three feet at the shoulders. Tweek, watching me with interest, offers to assist by using the Art (Quiddity-born powers). The zombeast increases three times its size.

While talking to Jack, we agree to a trade. I will allow him to scribe a Blessing upon his flesh, which is chameleon-like. In exchange, he will use his abilities upon the guardian's staff, he receives little info. The only thing important that that he found out it has a primal intelligence and is used to amplify energies.

Before attaching the zombeast to the truck with a length of chain, we began lifting the engine block out. As the zombie-mage, Tweek and Jack lifted, I attempted to pry with the staff. I apparently hurt the weapon's feelings, using it like a tool that way. A concussive wave of force hit us with enough strength to throw us into the surrounding vehicles. The engine block was shrapnel.

Tweek wanted to show me the loading dock. The doors had been sealed shut with heavy metal sheeting welded to the wall. He had made a opening in the metal, and although the sun was high in a cloudless sky, it was blacker than death metal in there. Only sonar could work inside, Jack had found out that inside was saturated with magic rendering phase-sight useless. I searched around the room counter-clockwise, finding desks and a single large bookcase. I get zombie-mage to haul the bookcase out, which seems to be filled with various lore. Thank NekRa.

Inside the large warehouse section, there is a smaller enclosure with no doors leading in. In my teens, I had been in a few pizza joints, and this was probably the backside of the walk-in freezer. Going around through the front of the restaurant, we find the freezer door in a pantry. As Jack hauls food outside, I realize I have no urge to eat any of it. Inside the freezer, the same blackness as inside the warehouse pools. Searching the warm freezer I find a cone, made from some kind of glass or metal, sprouting from the floor.

Unease fills me, my hair begins to rise and my jacket tenses.
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