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When a victim is confronted by something which does not comply to rational thought they are touched by madness. The decent into insanity can be gradual or swift, or it may be forced upon by spells and curses.

Madness Rating (MR)
Places and entities that are naturally dementing have a Madness Rating (MR). A negative App would apply towards the MR (-2 App would add +2 to the entity's MR), and being immortal also adds +1 MR.

Sanity vs Madness
A madness war is provoked the first time the victim encounters any of the following:
-Something with a MR.
-An immortal being (if mortal).
-Going below -10 wounds.
-Something with a negative App.
-Inter-dominion travel.
-Entering Quiddity, Heaven or Hell.

A madness war is based on the victim's Int. Add one for each sage lore the victim has points in. If the victim has any Madness Points, subtract them from the total. This is the victim's Sanity total.
Int +#SL -Mad +d10 =Sanity

Madness Points
Madness is aquired when a victim fails to resist a madness war. The victim recieves one Madness for every five points they did not resist. Use Madness as a modifier to the victim's MS and against K.O.

Once a victim has Madness they will begin to exhibit signs of instability. Whenever a victim with Madness rolls a natural one to attack, or a natural ten on a check, they must roll Insanity in addition to any other effects. The victim rolls one dice and adds any Madness points, then consultes the chart below. Effects will last for an amount of rounds equal to victim's Madness.

Roll Effect Modifiers
1-9 Stable (everything is fine, for now) None
10-14 Paranoid (They are watching) -5 to soak
15-19 Hallucinations (not again...) -5 Per
20-24 The Shakes (twitching fear) -5 Dex, Str
25-29 Visions (it's happening again!) -5 Dex, Man
30-34 Mania (can't take it anymore...) Attacks closest
35-39 Portents (They are speaking to me) +5 to dodge and
40-44 Neurotic (gibbering looney) +5 auto blast pool
to hit.
45-49 Permament Condition Roll again, effect is

Multiple Insanity
If a victim is under the influence of an Insanity, they add +5 to the Insanity roll for each effect.

Ѝ All victims in the Nightlands begin with one Madness.

The next post will be about racial mods and sources dealing with madness....MADNESS!!!!
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