Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Gathering

The 0ld 0rder has begun, with eight main personae. Eight unique individuals collected to defend the pantheon. The first was Ta, an arachnid clockwork golem, descendant of the ancients and keeper of much knowledge. He first acquired a shipmaster to travel the Nile. He chose the Black Swan of the Nile, Bezis, a believer of the ways of Old Egypt and its gods. A minotaur, wandering drunk through the streets, was hired by Ta as his bodyguard, his name was Vanshe. Bezis took them up the Nile and found Malak, a golem who's cosmic purpose was in flux, one of the few crystalys beings left on Earth.
Still they traveled, past Thebes and the previous Pharaoh's Great Temple, to Syene. Ta's prophesies directed him to an auspicious corner where he was to meet the other four. As they approached, the hand of fate had brought Giza and Mosa together in the square. Giza was fae, a pixie-kin of peculiarity. The other was a young would-be head hunter. As Ta approached, Zyirael happened upon the same corner. Ta did not believe in coincidence, and the feeling of knowing this person was enough proof. The seven of them went to discuss Ta's proposal within a temple of Horus, all but one of the acolytes scattered, Izareus, an annubii student of sekite lore.

With all eight together, Ta led them to their new ship. When Ra set they would begin.
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