Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The First Step

They all bugged off while I slept, good thing I brought my headphones. The tree-shade is welcome after wandering about the desert but I only plan on resting here a short time. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself, we should be properly introduced first. My name is Tzak.

My full name and title is Nau Tzaxgrath, of the Zrathi Tribe (for the unenlightened, "Nau" means Initiate of the Church of NekRa). I am just over seven feet tall and have short jet-black fur, as do all my tribe. My eyes are green, like our master's necrofire. I am an Annubii, an African cousin to the western Wolf-si, but unlike many of my kin I was born into the City. I am twenty-four years old, and for twenty-four years the City of Cairo has hated me.

There was an accident, a deep scarring of my psyche, it took place in one second. I had been dating one of the few of my kind in the city, and we had fallen asleep under the stars. To imagine that we traveled for the entire day to get outside the City's shield, I digress. While we sleep I was shown a sea and tread upon an island. In that dream I was finally whole as well as shown the strange and fantastic. I was told by a dream-stranger that this was Quiddity, then I awoke. I awoke to the sounds of panic and twisting metal, that is all I choose to remember. I was bound to my learning for the last two years, unable to seek solace. You can not imagine how optimistic I became when I achieved my title and was allowed to search for my own knowledge of Quiddity.

My Mentor had listened to my request and gave me a name. It is the name of a sorceror who knows of this dream-place, and to whom I must petition for this knowledge. This lead me to a different City, Victoria, and it felt much the same. It took me nearly an hour to find a suitable bike to 'borrow' so I could follow the only lead I had. This got me to a obtuse hotel, who knew of my inquiry, but was of no real help. There is where I met the cat. i would not call myself a racist, but felynes and I don't just get along very well under normal circumstance.

It turns out his name is Drex, like many cats he is quite high on himself and more than likely has a contract with one of the corporations. Judging by his trench coat, a metallic garment which seems to move like my own oid, he could easily fill in the blank in my credit. The only reason I spoke to him at all was because of his eavesdropping. It seems he is searching for this sorceror as well, so bollocks to it my better judgment, we could look for him together.

It also turns out that he likes to drink, so we spent our first evening together doing so in the bar across the street from the hotel. We must have looked the part, a felyne operative and annubii punk drinking and arguing into the early morning. I can tell you, the clerk in the lobby wasn't happy.
I think that was when things got a little fragged, the two of us woke up in a field near a creek. There was no hangover from the night before, so I was good to go, Drex on the other hand went to the creek to leak. He returned with a female, one of the feral kin, coyote line, and not that bad looking. I introduced myself, Drex asked a bunch of questions. From the 'interrogation' I learned that she was the one who brought us here, wherever here was she wouldn't say, but it had to do with the same sorceror I was looking for.

Zee, which is what I will keep calling her because her name is too bloody long, had some more information about her quarry. But, as a true female, she had to test us first. Drex had some difficulties destroying one of the three targets with his arsenal of corporate weaponry. I on the other hand smashed all three with my claws. We were informed that the sorceror was attempting to locate each of the "God Gates" of this realm to destroy them and their respective guardians. This, she told us, would give him godlike power but would also destroy this realm.

I thought it was an ambitious endeavor, and therefore noble and worthy. Zee shot me a death-look when I voiced this. I quickly agreed that destroying an entire realm is a jerk thing to do and offered to help look for this guy with her. That seemed to calm her down.

We traveled along a road (which wasn't there when I woke up, never mind) to a really crappy little town. This town was so crappy it didn't have indoor plumbing let alone cell service. As we approached, the whole town came out to meet us. In a town of inbreds the oldest one is usually the most stable, and that rule held true here as well. As we were convincing him to tell us something that would help, I noticed fully why this place seemed wrong, everything was in shift.

It was an odd sensation in the wild, but imagine talking to someone who keeps changing their face, height, weight, and proportions. It was like vertigo. As soon as we got directions from the elder (who kept no books I noticed) to the closest God Gate, we went drinking. My stomach felt like it was on a roller-coaster crossed with a ocean liner from concentrating on talking to these people, but their drink was the answer. It was sweet, like honey wished it was, and it burned like thermite. One shot got you fragged, after sixteen I could barely make it up the stairs to my room. I am dimly aware of rocking out on some acoustic mandolin pretty hard sometime that night. In the morning I bought a bottle, and a wagon.
That brings us to now, sitting in the shade, sipping shifter-shots and listening to my headphones. I have a good collection of pre-war metal acquired during my teens, Ozzy is playing, so I think I will wear my Black Sabbath shirt today. Since I might be close to the God Gate, and the sorceror, I made sure all of my pupteeth are entwined into my lobes properly, and my bomber jacket as clean as possible. I don't want to look like a scrub when I meet this guy.

In the back of my mind I wonder about my 'companions', since they wish to stop who might become my teacher. I am soul bound to protect knowledge and the Eye of NekRa is always watching his servants.
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